We are Tree Surgeons working in and around the Essex and Suffolk area, covering major towns and all the villages in between. 


We are able to accommodate small and large gardens, always considering the surrounding area and your neighbours. 

We appreciate the value of trees and the importance they have in our environment.

Offering professional competitively priced work.


Our service starts with a site visit to discuss your requirements, which will ensure work is carried out safely and to your satisfaction.

We will always ensure that the work carried out is to the highest standard and the site always left clean and tidy.

Tree Surgeon

Tree Felling

Safe removal of trees.

Sectional Felling and Tree Reduction

Climbing the tree and removing the branches. These are lowered safely to the ground using rigging techniques, avoiding damage to property and the surrounding area. 


A pruning system in which the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches, keeping the tree smaller than it would naturally become.  This can be carried out on an annual basis.

Crown Reduction/Lifting/Thinning

The shape of your tree can be altered to suit the surroundings, opening up the garden and allowing additional light in to your garden. 

Dead Wooding

A tree may sometimes become dangerous with branches becoming dead through pests or disease.  We are able to safely remove the dead branches.

Hedge Trimming

All sizes and species of hedges, annual contracts can be arranged.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps and roots are extracted using a hydraulic head on a mechanical machine.

Wood Chips and Logs

We are able to leave any chips and logs, cut to your requirements or totally clear the site.

24 Hour Emergency

Always on call to assist with storm damage or dangerous trees.

Site Clearance 

Out of control and unruly? Don't know where to start?  We are able to assist with the removal of the overgrown and unmanageable.